Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights Re-Mastered [double colored vinyl LP Reissue]

Release Date: 23.12.2014 (US)
Label: The End Records
Cat №: #TE353-1
Barcode: 654436035312
Type: album
Format: double 12" vinyl
Package: cardboard sleeve with gatefold

LP 1 Side A:
A1. Salt In Our Wounds [03:57]
A2. Heartache Every Moment [03:56]
A3. Lose You Tonight [03:41]
A4. In Joy And Sorrow [04:00]
A5. Pretending [03:54]
A6. Close To The Flame [03:46]

LP 1 Side B:
B1. You Are The One [03:25]
B2. Please Don't Let It Go [04:29]
B3. Beautiful [04:33]
B4. In Love And Lonely [03:46]
B5. Don't Close Your Heart [04:38]
B6. Love You Like I Do [05:15]

LP 2 Side C:
C1. Again (Hollola Tapes) [03:18]
C2. Pretending (TRNSFRMTN Version) [03:52]*
C3. Lose You Tonight (Hollola Tapes) [04:15]*
C4. Salt In Our Wounds (John Fryer Mix) [04:03]

LP 2 Side D:
D1. Close To The Flame (Hollola Tapes) [04:29]
D2. Please Don't Let It Go (Hollola Tapes) [03:37]*
D3. Pretending (Kevin Shirley Mix) [04:01]
D4. Love You Like I Do (Hollola Tapes) [05:29]*

Total time: ~ 01:22:34

Photos by Elena Molchanova

Alternate color: