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HIM: Discography (MP3) - Download [RuTracker.org]

HIM: Discography (FLAC) - Download [RuTracker.org]

HIM: Live Bootlegs (Professional Quality, MP3) - Download [RuTracker.org]

HIM: Live Bootlegs (Amateur Recordings, MP3) - Part 1 [MEGA] | Part 2 [Yandex.Disk]

Side Projects

Ville Valo: Discography (MP3) - Download [RuTracker.org]

Ville Valo & Agents: Live Bootlegs (Amateur & Pro Recordings, MP3) - Download [MEGA]

Daniel Lioneye: Discography (MP3) - Download [RuTracker.org]

MZ: Cimmerica (MP3) - Download [Yandex.Disk]


Tribute To HIM: Compilations of essential HIM covers, Vol. 1-3 - More Info [SaintScream.ru]

SHTRMXS: Shitty remixes of terrible HIM covers (a unique project) - More Info [SaintScream.ru]

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